Sarv-Dharm Eka Brahm.
Realization of Brahm.
Realization of the self.
All possible through Yoga.

People often talk about human & humanity when we hear them saying "I do not
want to believe in any religion, I do not want any religion, I do not want any
God. I just want to be human and I believe in humanity". They talk like this out
of their mere ignorance in mind.

                               Who is Human and What constitutes Human?
Human is a person having opposable thumbs and ability to make and use
specialised tools, articulate speech, possess highly developed brain with the
ability of abstract thought, a rational self-conscious being possessing both good
and bad qualities with the ability to recognize both rights and responsibility.

                                                  What is Humanity?
Humanity for the upper said human is being only confined to kindness, respect
and sympathy in their social interaction while living in a group or society. If this is
the limit of a Human then these people who are keeping these views are not
much better than the animals, birds and insects, because activities like eating,
sleeping, mating, excreting, breathing, drinking, feeling and moving are common
in humans, animals, birds and insects. Humans live in society, these animals,
birds and inspects also live in their herds and corresponding groups.

Animals, birds and insects all the three categories are further divided into 2
a) vegetarian b) non-vegetarian. Man is much closer to the vegetarian animal.

There are five different points on which vegetarian and non-vegetarian animals
1) Teeth: Teeth of cows, deers and buffaloes are more closer to human being
than those of Lion's, Tiger's and Dog's. Non-vegetarian animals have sharp
pointed teeth.
2) Nails: Nails of cows, deers and buffaloes are more closer to human being
than those of Lions' Tiger's and Dog's. Non-vegetarian animals posses pointed
sharp nails which help them in hunting, for holding their prey.
3) Vision: Cows, Deers and buffaloes along with human loose much of their
visibility in the darkness of night while the visibility of non-vegetarian animals
increases in the darkness of night.
4) Drinking: Human being along with cows, deers and buffaloes drink water by
sucking while lions, tigers and dogs drink by licking.
5) Body Temperature: Human being along with cows, deers and buffaloes have
lower body temperature then those of non-vegetarian animals. Vegetarian
animals and humans need protection from cold in winter that's why they need
shelters. Non-vegetarian animals have much higher body temperatures. They
need no protection from cold, they can survive in any temperature.

These five points of difference between vegetarians and non-vegetarians proves
that human being is solely created vegetarian by God.

Thus human beings divided in groups under the conception of their own
definition of humanity over powered by their animal instincts (instincts like greed,
ego, anger, cruelty), first fight between themselves in groups in their own
country and then between different countries of the world. And this war in
humanity never ends unless human beings are ready to accept deeper meaning
for the conceptions of human and humanity.

Actually human is most beautiful and precious creation of God in this universe.  
God himself appears in this form at some times in His incarnation in this
universe, to preach the world religion. Here religion does not mean a specific
religion rather it means knowledge what is right and what is wrong. That what a
man should do and he should not do. Purpose of human life in this world and
how the human life is the most precious chance to liberate one self from the
cycle of repeated births and deaths and all pain associated with this unending
process, and to attain final oneness with God or Hari.

Thus even then if some one is determined to ignore the path shown by God or
Hari in different religious scriptures on the name of humanity he or she is that
unfortunate who wants to plunge him or herself in the dark deep ditch of
ignorance by closing his or her intellect eyes while living in this world.

On the other hand for understanding broad meaning of humanity one has to
recognize himself or herself as the original vegetarian creator not indented for
indulging in performing acts involving cruelty. One has to understand that this
universe is the creation of God or Hari and He is the father of us all. All beings
animals, birds, insects along with humans have equal right to live in it.
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